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Here be dragons. Well, just a little one.

I know, I know – you thought I’d forgotten… Actually, despite appearances, I’m not labouring under the illusion that anyone anticipates the publication of this weekly blog (although I would dearly love to boast repeat-blog-patrons, I am – intermittently – … Continue reading

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Defying streptococcus in pursuit of a seaside-themed quintet. Vainly.

Fuzzy-witted with flu, or initial rumblings thereof, I resolved to work only in pencil this morning – the smudgy greyness of such a medium feeling peculiarly fitting to the germ-ridden haze betwixt my ears –  as I began preparatory sketches … Continue reading

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A weary, wind-whipped Wednesday: if only it were summer (and I was 6) again…

So, while quietly and self-indulgently lamenting my fast-diminishing youth this morning – having discovered yet another stridently white hair amidst the variegated brown – I finished this little item. Not perhaps one of my most technically accomplished pieces (though I … Continue reading

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A solid country mile behind, but I’m here now…!

Huzzah! Somewhat astonishing that it’s taken quite so long for me to infiltrate the mysterious realm that is the blogosphere – given the outrageously simple process by which one acquires a blog – but I thought it was high time … Continue reading

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