A solid country mile behind, but I’m here now…!

Huzzah! Somewhat astonishing that it’s taken quite so long for me to infiltrate the mysterious realm that is the blogosphere – given the outrageously simple process by which one acquires a blog – but I thought it was high time I demonstrated some accountability for the hours I spend holed up in my ‘studio’ (hastily commandeered spare room) of a weekday while other folk toil ‘out there’ for their proverbial crust. However, please accept my apologies for the crashing banality of this first test post – I hope to atone for this crime with subsequent, fascinating (…) posts about adventures in paint and pencil-twirling as I attempt to chart my various endeavours towards a viable career in the illustration industry.

About illustratedbyamanda

Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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2 Responses to A solid country mile behind, but I’m here now…!

  1. Clare Rathbone says:

    Amanda, I love you and I love your blog! xxx

    • Thanks Clur! I love you, too!

      I have yet to fathom all (or, indeed, any of) the widgets apparently at my disposal, but hopefully el blog will become a slightly more graceful enterprise over the coming weeks… xxx

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