A weary, wind-whipped Wednesday: if only it were summer (and I was 6) again…

All was idyllic: sun, sand, sea(gull), mint-choc-chip loveliness. Then a rogue breeze off the Bay (Morecambe, naturally) dismantles the dream with one desultory gust.

So, while quietly and self-indulgently lamenting my fast-diminishing youth this morning – having discovered yet another stridently white hair amidst the variegated brown – I finished this little item. Not perhaps one of my most technically accomplished pieces (though I have yet to conjure one of these into being for the purposes of such comparative referencing), but I developed an affection for it during the drawing process and, with the designation of the ice-cream as of the superlative mint-choc-chip variety, was transported back to childhood summer holidays in Wales and, more recently, to the promenade at Morecambe where said confection was deployed to placate an unusually whiney young niece. A little treat to myself to banish the roiling grey clouds and inhabit a little sandy paradise (although it seems the gales here in autumnal Middlesex have somehow managed to infiltrate the imaginary beach scene, demoting it to pleasant-but-slightly-disappointing-in-the-ice-cream-enjoyment-stakes).

I should, however, return to the drawing board – quite literally – where there sits a stubbornly unsatisfactory frontispiece design that has resisted all onslaughts with the eraser and now demands to be entirely re-drawn. Sigh. Perhaps I’ll just have a spoonful or two of Ben & Jerry’s first (v. inspiring, ice-cream)…

About illustratedbyamanda

Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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