A (mercifully brief) limerick interlude…


A mouse named McTavisham-Smith

Was uncommonly fond of fruit pith.

He ate lemons sometimes,

Often kumquats and limes,

So to say he loved cheese’d be myth…


Marjorie mouse was a horder

Who loved chaos and rampant disorder.

She kept bits, bobs and ends,

Stockpiled fluff over friends,

And ne’er puzzled why neatness so bored her…


More substantive, less laboured-rhyming content later, but I must get me to a decent stationer, pronto, in pursuit of non-cheapo pencils that will, hopefully, withstand a passing glance (perhaps I can even hope for some modest usage?) without dissolving into a million little graphite shards… Ah, the false economy that is buying in bulk of abundant, but sub-standard, materials.

About illustratedbyamanda

Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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