Snow day…?

What could be more Christmassy than a small rodent perplexed by his first snowflake?

Well, I’ve chosen to eschew all those infinitely more festive motifs in order to introduce Advent Mouse (not the most dynamic of mouse-superhero titles, but fitting of his Everymouse attitude and seasonal deployment – it could probably stand a little refinement though, I’ll admit…): your daily companion during the remaining 22-ish days to Christmas. He (or, rather, I – it is, indeed, a thing most troubling to discover oneself attempting to inhabit the ‘consciousness’ of a 2D fictional construct) would be delighted if you found the time to check back to this particular ethereal space for a new, daily (as these things have a tendency to be…) calendar upload.

Incidentally, Happy Snow Day (!) for all those thrown a day’s reprieve from employers, and for all those who’ve valiantly struggled against the elements (and the crippled, scantily-gritted transport network) to do their economic duty, a virtual (but no less sincere or exuberant for that) High 5 and small-but-astonishingly-shiny-and-jewel-encrusted trophy – outstanding effort! xx


About illustratedbyamanda

Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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