A piercing piece.

(Not, you understand, a clever and perspicacious article – merely a shamefully poor example of wordplay, more befitting of a column heading buried somewhere near the middle of a free local newspaper, lazily appropriated to describe something of the contents of this [mercifully brief] post.)

NNNNggghhh! But it'll all be worthwhile, once the throbbing pain and swelling has abated (they'll see, they'll all see)... Happy New Piercing!


Well, between wrestling rolls of mangy fibreglass insulation out of the loft – dressed in deeply stylish coversuits (made out of something resembling vacuum-cleaner filter cloth), goggles and masks redolent of a very low budget movie featuring the aftermath of a catastrophic nuclear event – work on a fairly sizeable client commission (Pandora Books – some of my previous catalogue covers are, I think, still visible on their homepage, http://www.pandorabooks.co.uk), and some light reconnoitering of potential raw materials suppliers for my prospective greetings card enterprise (not to mention the usual smattering of creative panic episodes and faffing), I haven’t had much time to come up with the promised card design for the winning Greetings Card Concept Competition entry (congrats, Mr Dominic Heaney). However, a preliminary draft is shown opposite to illustrate Dominic’s suggestion of ‘Happy New Piercing’ – with perhaps greater emphasis on the piercing than the happy…


The prize was to be an honourable mention on the reverse of the card, alongside my details (if acceptable to the triumphant entrant), and a token of 10 copies of the card once it’s in production and printed up. However, not wishing to cast aspersions on either the pierced fraternity or Mr Heaney, I’m not sure how appropriate or useful such a stock of greetings would be in this instance, so I propose an alternative prize – a selection of 5 different card designs from my existing stock, and a sample of the winning card (for posterity – or, in the event of befriending someone with a predilection for [miscellaneous] body piercing, future use). I hope this will be acceptable…

More anon.

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