Applause for the great British weather!

February 2011: The Great British Weather lends its weight to the (ongoing) national anti-smoking campaign

I was compelled to sketch this character after a particularly blustery foray into town last week, when I spotted a clutch of office workers – huddled the requisite distance from their building’s entrance-way – attempting to satiate their nicotine hankerings. They didn’t stand much of a chance against the capricious wind, however, which assaulted them from alternate directions in gleefully random gusts, and their frustration was further compounded when the first fat droplets of rain began to fall.

I did feel a momentary twinge of sympathy (or should that be pity…?), engendered mainly by their valiant perseverance in the face of inevitable failure, but swiftly recovered myself to be quietly amused by their consternation. Strike one for the Great British weather! (And a headlong gallop towards emphysema/ lung disease/ cancer [momentarily] interrupted!)

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