On dressing up…

Although, in an effort to be scrupulously professional and maintain the exclusivity of my client-generated work (nevermind that, in this particular case, the company name and inconography is emblazoned, inextricably, across every design and is thus of negligible use to anyone else…), I don’t display current commissioned projects on here, one of my latest pieces inspired a little private jaunt, if you will, through the subject matter tackled. It is, as you may have surmised from the post title, the indulgence of ‘dressing up’ – not in any seedy/depraved/sexually ambiguous fashion, but the childish, liberating past-time of, for a little while, inhabiting the appearance, mannerisms, even life, of someone/something else. I say childish – I also drew inspiration from a quite brilliant, safari-animal-themed hen weekend to which a v. great friend (my absolute favourite faux gorilla, incidentally) was party – Emma, you are undoubtedly a legend. Also, readers of a posting some weeks back may detect a shameless splicing of this (small-ish children in costume) with another, now familiar theme, i.e. poultry, for the purposes of this week’s illustrative offering:

Pencil rough

Poring over Choosing and Keeping Chickens in recent weeks proved invaluable in ascertaining how much ‘flop’ to endow the head-piece’s comb (or ‘fleshy protuberance’, a quite shudderingly horrible linguistic construction…), but I admit that the proportions are not entirely consistent with the real life subjects portrayed therein – I just thought an over-sized, nodding-dog-esque head and scrawny tail feathers looked better. And a bit cuter (frequently an important consideration).

There are a few other non-chicken characters in the series – which I am, incidentally, considering shoehorning into my already hopelessly over-stuffed and unwieldy Bologna portfolio: to date, I also have a rather deranged-looking rabbit, a sparsely-toothed crocodile, a not-very-ferocious-looking tiger/miscellaneous Big Cat, a fish, and a fairytale princess (yes, I accept, not really congruent with the other five, but I feel a fanciful, storybook element represents a fundamental component of any self-respecting dresser-upper’s arsenal).

I haven’t yet completed all six watercolour versions (being rather preoccupied with frenzied preparations for my little sister’s impending nuptials – we leave at 05:30 am tomorrow morning…*sigh*), but it seemed important to include the chicken here to demonstrate the process in a logical fashion (as opposed to my more usual, rather erratic, non-linear fashion) :

Watercoloured and edged in ink (fineliner) pen

More next week, post-wedding, and assuming I am still in full command of my drawing faculties (Morecambe Bay seafront in February – in a flighty, strapless, chiffon maxi-dress – may wreak untold damage upon my embattled extremities [I’m thinking mainly of my haggardy old fingers – or claws, as my dear husband affectionately refers to them – here]).

Have a fabulous weekend, all!

AP x.

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