Softly, softly…

Having been feeling rather pathetic and self-pitying of late – courtesy one horribly persistent, ribcage-rattling cough (and even more martyred-looking once chest infection confirmed and antibiotics prescribed by the Doc, I’ll admit) – I decided to indulge in a little sweet-teddy sketching to raise my spirits. Happily, this exercise is also congruent with my decision – more marked post-book fairs – to take at least a strand of my drawing activities in a softer, less ‘worked’ direction, celebrating the spontaneity of the sketched line over the more precise, but consequently more contrived and constrained-looking, lightbox work. Less happily, all the bear characters that have so far emerged still betray an over-controlled technique and all wear a slightly perturbed expression, being placed – as they invariably are – in situations of mild peril…

Beyond a certain age, marking the years with things such as balloons and candles can be an exercise fraught with danger...

About illustratedbyamanda

Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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