Pencil pooches…

Alas, I have spent much of this week engaged in (increasingly desperate) attempts to avert Disaster, so drawing opportunities have been seriously restricted. However, when I have managed to smuggle a half hour or so of sketching between fraught phone calls (these, admittedly, only when I’ve switched the phone off entirely in a fit of pique…), I’ve been working on a private commission for a friend that revisits a foray into the world of pet portraiture made in 2008.

I’m not showing the current portrait here because a.) it isn’t quite finished, but also b.) because I don’t have the commissioner’s permission – and, as he hasn’t yet seen it, such an unveiling would seem rather unfair. The following is, though, something along similar lines that I completed for another good friend in 2009 to be given as a wedding gift to her brother and his wife (it now hangs in the nursery of their first-born, which I find an immense compliment), and features the inimitable Ginny, a Norfolk Terrier (I think…):

I’m making tentative plans to offer dog portraiture as a ‘service’ to the clientele of a local dog training outfit and, possibly, a wider market – although I will admit to sometimes wishing it wouldn’t be unreasonable to add the proviso ‘short-haired breeds only’: the scraggly, fluffy hair of the terrier, while endearingly unkempt to behold (and cuddle-enhancing) in the flesh, is rather a task to render in pencil…

Marvellous Dave and I are off to The City to explore art & design degree shows this weekend, so hopefully I shall have some thrillingly inspiring experiences to relate to you next week!

Meanwhile, I hope you all have a really rather superb weekend – biblical-scale downpours notwithstanding – and I shall hope to bask in the warming glow of your loyal readership next week.

AP x.

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