Flaming June…?

Here’s a little something to remind you of the balmy summer days we should be enjoying (albeit a ‘something’ native to considerably more exotic climes), as opposed to the displaced April showers (for which read biblical downpours…) we are currently experiencing:

A snippet or two to follow on our excursion to the Brunel degree show, and subsequent foray into Shoreditch (The Old Truman Brewery) in search of the ‘Free Range’ exhibition, featuring – among others – the BA Graphic Design: Visual Communication show ‘Treat Yourself’ from the University for the Creative Arts, Maidstone (Marvellous Dave being an inquisitive alumnus…). We also managed to shoehorn in a flying visit to the always-wonderful-and-inspiring Illustration Cupboard near Green Park, where the ground floor gallery space is currently dedicated to a celebration of the fantastically accomplished and prolific Shirley Hughes, one of my absolute favourite illustrators: http://www.illustrationcupboard.com/exhibition_details.aspx?eId=166&ePage=1

(Ah, to think that, one day, I too may command £4,300 for a single page illustration! [I’ve blatantly had way too many coffees today to permit rational thought…])

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Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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