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Well, this week’s Illustration Friday topic rather flummoxed me, so I abandoned all efforts at even the most flimsy of interpretations until I realised that today is Wednesday (and only just, at that), and that the next topic is already … Continue reading

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Illustration Friday! (I know it’s only Wednesday, but hear me out…)

I’m afraid this week’s offering is a little rough around the edges, but I’m experimenting with a couple of new elements – alternative eyes for my child characters and adding more ‘thorough’ (i.e more conscientiously observed/less lazy…) background to my … Continue reading

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Hockey players, (hiccups…), and Heather’s wedding stationery

Another week, another frolic oop north to the Pollard ancestral seat (hah!) – and another 30th birthday to ‘recognise’, in the time-honoured fashion… Yes, last Saturday was the turn of my youngest cousin (I have but two *violins, if you’d … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Beast

Having missed out on last year’s ‘Picture This’ illustration competition, launched by Waterstone’s and featuring the indisputably excellent and wonderful Julia Donaldson (also 2011’s Children’s Laureate, incidentally, succeeding the equally marvellous Anthony Browne) – because I had been labouring under … Continue reading

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