Illustration Friday! (I know it’s only Wednesday, but hear me out…)

I’m afraid this week’s offering is a little rough around the edges, but I’m experimenting with a couple of new elements – alternative eyes for my child characters and adding more ‘thorough’ (i.e more conscientiously observed/less lazy…) background to my compositions (formerly, my least favourite aspect of an illustrated ‘scene’).

It also represents my first attempt to participate in Illustration Friday by, first, locating the whereabouts and raison d’etre of this, previously, entirely mysterious concept – several of my international illustrator friends seemed, to my simple cerebral workings, to have miraculously and consistently intuited the exact topic for this weekly, global creative endeavour – and then deciding what angle to adopt: I have, here, gone for ‘pretty-obvious’ as opposed to ‘achingly-clever-and-obscure’…

For any other aspiring – or, indeed, professional – illustrators interested in tackling the Illustration Friday brief, this week’s can be found at, where you can also sign up to receive future topics directly into your respective email inbox.

'Gesture': when words, even whispered ones, are too much (i.e. will give you away...)

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4 Responses to Illustration Friday! (I know it’s only Wednesday, but hear me out…)

  1. I love it! An absolutely charming illo…

  2. June says:

    Image doesn’t show for me :o(

    Just an empty box with a red X!

    • Oooh, sorry June – not sure why that should be… :S Maybe something to do with a difference in the browsers, but I’ll investigate & try & see if I can fix it… Thanks for letting me know!

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