Well, this week’s Illustration Friday topic rather flummoxed me, so I abandoned all efforts at even the most flimsy of interpretations until I realised that today is Wednesday (and only just, at that), and that the next topic is already thundering towards disclosure in but two days’ time. Consequently, this week’s is something of a panic-draw (more excuses for the sketchy finish…): I have chosen to depict the perennial fascination of children – most particularly (and I fearlessly court the outrage of the gender-equality brigade with the following flippant remark) small boys* – with the reaction of crabs, and the like, to being poked with a stick. Similarly represented is the (perennial) righteous indignation of such beach-dwelling crustacea, whom have surely endured such gratuitous torment for centuries. If not millennia.

*I’m sure naughty-little-sisters also deserve an honorable mention here, too

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Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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5 Responses to Perennial…

  1. You’ve got your perennial “bases covered!” Nice illustration!

  2. Laurie says:

    Ahhh…very cute! Run little guy!

  3. Amalou says:

    I love it! And so true about boys. Although I must admit, I was caught by my folks poking a deadly brown snake with a stick when I was 8 years old.

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