Easy days…

While purporting to spend the working week working, even while Marvellous Dave revels in week two of his luxuriously long school summer holidays, in truth much of my time this last week has been occupied with serious solar-powered sketching (i.e., dans le jardin), an assortment of wedding anniversary (ours)/birthday (various) celebratory watercolours and activities, and quaffing the occasional glass of something cold and – invariably, it seems – pink with long-missed acquaintances: easy days, indeed…

We are off gallivanting about the hills and dales of Lancashire and North Yorkshire again this weekend – albeit entirely encased in waterproof paraphernalia (which may restrict real, concerted gallivanting to the briefest and most earnestly gravity-obeying of movements…) – so I shall return next week with another Illustration Friday morsel, a preview of my next competition entry (or, at the very least, a sample from the veritable drifts of rejected drafts), and hopefully something worth reading…!

Hope you have a glorious weekend, all 🙂

AP x.

About illustratedbyamanda

Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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