Misadventures in confectionery

There’s been a little hiatus on my Illustration-Friday-participation front (for myriad and not-always-especially-interesting reasons), but I couldn’t resist this week’s topic – swell.

The consumption of (or, more accurately, protracted mastication of) anything even resembling bubblegum/chewing gum was strictly prohibited to my little sister and I, on any and all occasions, while we were growing up. Such a joy-sapping embargo (I spent my whole childhood hankering after an illicit Screwball ice-cream…) was imposed, ostensibly, on the basis that we might choke on a disgusting, indigestible glob of the stuff at a moment’s notice, but a further and, I might contest, equally distressing hazard of bubblegum came to light one summer afternoon when I was visited by a particularly sticky case of karmic retribution for disobeying such an earnest parental injunction: it is impossible to extract from a full head of 8-year-old(‘s) hair when the (quite literal) bubble bursts… Hence the look of vague alarm on the featured child’s face:

Abort! Abort!

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11 Responses to Misadventures in confectionery

  1. Kaija Lea says:

    Haha nice expression:) Cute!

  2. ruth says:

    Great illustration! I recall my mother slathering my head with peanut butter to get a particularly stubborn wad of gum out of my hair as a child. Ick.

    • Ugh – although, if it works… (If only we’d had peanut butter instead of a cupboard full of jam and Marmite! *sigh*). Congrats on having your topic suggestion selected – it was, indeed, a great one – and also on achieving one of your post-blogiversary goals 🙂 Fabulous blog, btw – I really love the Etsy creations at the top of the page (esp. the verdigris-ed copper wrist cuff) – I shall be following from now on! x

  3. thepinkrachael says:

    This is really cute, love the pink with the pencil sketch! And agreed – bubblegum in hair is a nightmare!

  4. I love how you’ve captured that exact moment when the bubble gets out of control. Great use of spot color!

  5. Brilliant idea for the prompt. Her expression really captures that “uh-oh” moment when you know your gum has gone too far!

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