Vanishing point…

Just a fleeting post this afternoon in order to tack up my Illustration Friday offering – on this, my handy virtual noticeboard – which, this week, was to convey a sense of intrigue and enigma, the topic being mysterious. My first sketches had a rather more wistful, magical interpretation of the term about them, but I’m afraid I reverted to the more pedestrian ‘bafflement’ experience of mystery – and the answer’s included 🙂 

The (*ahem*) mysterious disappearance of the delicious, cherry-topped cupcake... (I've included the initial sketch, too, as I feel it shows far better the guiltily-bulging cheek pouches of the cake-pilferer...!)

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Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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6 Responses to Vanishing point…

  1. yep , he definitely had a bigger mouthful in the sketch…. maybe the second time around he could only manage a little bite

    • Ha ha! Yes – one mouthful of stolen cake (even if that does encompass the whole cake…) should really be enough for anyone, esp. a small brother. Thanks for your kind comments, by the way – much appreciated!

  2. great by the way.. I forgot to say. Also I love the rat and cupcake on your header

  3. Indigene says:

    🙂 I love their expressions! Wonderful characters.

  4. Fantastic take on this week’s word! Love it!

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