Ferocious (you’d better believe it…)

I’m afraid I have to confess to having cheated a little this week – certainly in terms of effort – with regard to my Illustration Friday (IF) offering on the topic ferocious. My crime, of recycling an existing (and old – this little fancy-dressed oik predates my excursion to Bologna in March) illustration to plug the gaping 23 – 30 Sept. 2011 hole that would otherwise blight my IF participation history, is rendered all the more heinous by the topic’s rich potential for interpretation: as my high school English teacher would effuse – frequently erroneously – of some convoluted exam essay question, it was an absolute gift this week!

So, wracked with faintly nauseating guilt at having squandered possibly one of the most indulgent flights of illustrative fancy to be promoted in recent (and, no doubt, subsequent) weeks, I give you the aspiringly ferocious Tiger Cat! (No, really – pretend you haven’t spotted the gurning child beneath and reel back in convincingly-terrified horror from the vicious maw of the beast…):

The initial, not-especially-intimidating, fuzzy-graphite sketch...

…and in all his awe-inspiring technicolour ferocity!

Those familiar with this blog will doubtless recognise Tiger Cat from a much earlier post (when I believe I was rueing not submitting him, and his four similarly animal-imitating compatriots, instead of the ubiquitous mice as my Bologna Illustrators’ Exhibition entry): The Bologna entry that should have been… (08/03/11).

In the (fairly unlikely) event that I manage to cobble together something presentable to atone for the thundering failure of this week’s IF answer (which I’m attributing principally, by the way, to another [4-day] train-borne jolly oop north – should you care the merest jot for such mewling excuses), I shall tack it awkwardly onto the end of my next post – itself already resembling a veritable trifle of a construction: layered with substantively contrasting matter, and currently deficient in the necessary* jelly (or jell-o, for my US friends) to bind it into a cohesive confection…

In the meantime, I look forward to browsing through the gallery of inevitably brilliant responses to ferocious on the IF website (join me – it’s a great way of discovering new talent to admire/blogs to subscribe to, and also of frittering away a coffee break – or those last, painful ten minutes before Home Time!). I also v. much look forward welcome you here again soon!

AP x.

*I will brook no argument on this point: a proper trifle is constructed using molten jelly, poured over the base of sherry-soaked ladyfingers/Savoiardi and wincingly-sweet tinned fruit, which – when set – forms the modestly wobbly foundations for the custard, whipped cream and assorted sugary embellishments that complete this most unashamedly ’70s of desserts. So there.  😉

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1 Response to Ferocious (you’d better believe it…)

  1. gosiarysuje says:

    lovely and very funny. Well done!

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