Welcome back, autumn!

As I spent much of the weekend doing nervous lunge-type stretches and weighing up which of the honeyed porridge or a feast of bananas breakfast options was most likely to power me to a miraculous half-marathon sprint finish – and then running the damn thing, of course – I haven’t yet approached this week’s Heath-Robinson-invoking Illustration Friday topic: contraption (which I’m very relieved I re-read before putting pencil to paper – skim-reading is a method fraught with danger…!)

In the  interim, then, I thought I’d serve up a little morsel in celebration of autumn and the return of more seasonally-appropriate meteorological conditions (i.e. bracing winds, chilly evenings, and the occasional burst of blustery rain) after the condensed summer we experienced here in Britain a couple of weeks ago:

A little self-hug to ward off the wind chill, but basking in the invigorating sun of a bright autumn afternoon (atop a hill...)

Leaning into a gale to achieve a balletic Kate Winslet-esque moment which, under calmer conditions, would be rendered nigh on impossible by the forces of gravity

Reminiscent of those autumn weekends as children when we were shooed outside to attend to animal mucking-out duties but invariably got hopelessly distracted and mooned about in the fields enjoying the leaf-strewn breeze and hunting for blackberries.

I had a moody, petrol-blue page of watercolour wash that I had pretty much consigned to the recycling on account of it having entirely failed as an experiment, but – on gazing out at the banks of roiling grey cloud in a distinctly non-summery sky one afternoon – salvaged it at the last minute and inked a few windswept characters into the bleak Yorkshire-Moors-conjuring landscape. The pale skin tone is achieved using anti-bleed white paint (almost the only medium I could effectively apply over such a dark base) which, I think, lends the characters an additional ethereal, even dreamlike, quality – although, in conjunction with the rest of their respective bodies (almost transparent, taking substance and colour, as they do, from the sky behind), they might almost be ghosts:

These are currently for sale as original pieces in my Etsy shop but, as originals, are limited to one each, so I shall be endeavouring to produce a few more before the icy winter demands a different theme – and hopefully arranging for some to be printed up for potential gift card use…

And, on a slightly cheerier, less brooding note, I bought a brown fineliner on a whim from my local, exorbitantly expensive stationer, and thought I’d give it a spin on an autumnal subject:

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1 Response to Welcome back, autumn!

  1. Cindy D says:

    Aaaah, so adorable! Love the bear’s big feet flying out behind him. Love the big skirt and the neat sleeves and her little toes.

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