Scattered (wits)

Another week, another spectacularly last-minute Illustration Friday offering (I like to think of it as just skidding under the crushing, rivet-encrusted door of Thursday, Indiana Jones-fashion, to leave the merest whisper of [crucial] extra time – just sufficient to snatch the Fulfilled-deadline Fedora from annihilation by fiery lava/flood/swarming minibeasts/er, the passage of time. A trifle dramatic, perhaps, but all the more enjoyable [in my estimation] as an analogy for it…)

Skating over the fact that I quailed at the very thought of attempting something representative of last week’s topic, contraption – harbouring, as I did, serious doubts re. my ability to depict an apparatus that wasn’t structurally and mechanically flawed in some catastrophic way (to even the most casual observer) – I’m afraid I over-compensated somewhat this week with not one but two renderings of the nominated topic, scattered. I’ve selected the character that suggested itself to me first as my ‘featured’ illustration for the purposes of IF submission, but have included the second character, too, on the grounds that she is seasonally apt (and demonstrative of my own woefully un-committed attitude to gardening and tendency to distraction-by-crunchy-leaves…):

"Er, sorry mum... I was pretending to be a cat burglar" (Note to self: some work still to do here on stealth and precision...)

The original pencil sketch is a little messy, but I think I almost prefer it for its honesty (i.e. it’s patently obvious from the fudgy lines that foreshortening of limbs to give impression of depth/perspective is not a technique that always comes easily to me!):

And a most ineffectual leaf-sweeper-upper by way of an illustrative ‘chaser’:

Sweeping leaves into piles is all very well, but destroying those piles with an exuberant kick of the leg and swing of the arm is, irrefutably, more fun!

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4 Responses to Scattered (wits)

  1. Love both paintings! Maybe loving the leaves just a little bit more, but that might be because I like kicking leaves too 🙂

  2. Your stuff has such a great feel Amanda!

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