A rather rushed Illustration Friday offering this week, I’m afraid (how spectacularly uncharacteristic…), and one that struggles to claim much by way of convincing pertinence to the theme, fuel – although I very much hope that you, dear reader, in your infinite patience and benevolence, will graciously overlook this failing and accept the shreds of relevancy I’ve scrabbled together by way of justification…

My immediate, reflex-like response to the notion of fuel was, naturally, ‘cake’, but I seem to have something of a surfeit of cupcake-centric illustrations floating around the joint, so thought I’d furnish myself with a pencil and see where my absent-minded (although concertedly non-confectionery-oriented) doodlings directed me. This character emerged from the swirls of graphite: 

Everyone occasionally finds themself in need of a little boost – whether of courage, energy or general oomph – and the temptation to appropriate a little rocket fuel, albeit harnessed within a convenient backpack and of the emphatically imaginary variety, is surely too potent to be resisted, especially if you happen to find yourself teetering dangerously close to the edge of a high-dive board and required to do something v. athletically-accomplished looking (as opposed to just tumbling awkwardly off the end with your eyes squeezed shut and mumbling, alternately, prayers and a selection of choice curses)… In short, the (rocket-pack-conjuring) imagination might be regarded, in such instances, as the fuel by which we are propelled/impelled to do great – and occasionally scary – things. I only hope this little fella doesn’t leap too exuberantly off the board (imagining that all is dandy because he’s equipped with a jet-pack and, thus, the ability to just zoom off into space if things start to look a little hairy)…

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8 Responses to Fuel

  1. Cindy D says:

    Well, this is my first visit but if this is what you produce when rushed, I shall have to peruse further. (But later! since I am currently at work). This is a completely adorable illustration, with loads of personality. Love how the imaginary jetpack is imagined exactly in place. The hair is also really great.

    I hope you won’t think it rude of me to suggest the confectionery angle might still be achieved if this fellow was imagining a jet fuel MADE of cake. Which would admittedly be silly. I mean, could it be both stable for launch AND delicious? Perhaps the device simply needs a built-in cake compartment. Maybe it HAS one. And if it does, then he is clearly a level-headed thinker and you needn’t worry about his leaping more exuberantly than is prudent. (Apologies for length!) 😀

    • Ah, thank you for your v. kind (and flattering!) comments – and for subscribing to my blog: I’m v. touched (and really will have to make far more concerted efforts to write something interesting/ more apposite than my usual rambling drivel!).

      And no need to apologise – I rather like the idea of somehow combining cake with the jetpack, and I think we can dismiss exactly how this would work as something of a side issue for the moment: what’s most important is that he hasn’t had to jettison his sugar-rush for jet fuel and may, in fact, find that this extra energy burst only augments his rocket-enhanced powers (plus, he has warm cake to enjoy – hurray!) AP x.

  2. gosiarysuje says:

    what a great idea, well done 🙂

  3. Garth says:

    Cute! What kid doesn’t dream of having a jet pack??

  4. Very cute. I love his face 🙂

  5. Cindy D says:

    Omigosh, warm cake! I hadn’t thought of that. Genius.

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