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On the vanity of mus musculus

Again, just by the skin of my proverbial teeth, this week’s Illustration Friday entry on the subject of vanity: One of the perils of a predominantly cheese-based diet must surely be the likelihood of derrière-expansion, rendering this particularly vain, characteristically … Continue reading

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Cooped up (*ahem*) with some chickens…

Well, after approximately one entire week in the company of the following feathery characters – and with only Radio 4 (I was forced to eschew other, popular music-radio channels on account of the crescendoing irritation I was experiencing with a.] … Continue reading

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Apologies for the two-week hiatus – it’s that Argh-Panic time of year again when, having spent several weeks casually sketching fripperies such as new Christmas card designs and impish fairy folk (largely for my own amusement, if I’m pressed to … Continue reading

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At least pretend, can’t you…?

Why is it that, no matter how convincing the Terrifying Lesser-Spotted Scaly Dinosaur-Monster-Type-Thing disguise, mums are more disposed to find a costumed ambush vaguely amusing as opposed to spine-tinglingly scary (as is really the only appropriate response to such concerted monster-emulating … Continue reading

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