At least pretend, can’t you…?

Why is it that, no matter how convincing the Terrifying Lesser-Spotted Scaly Dinosaur-Monster-Type-Thing disguise, mums are more disposed to find a costumed ambush vaguely amusing as opposed to spine-tinglingly scary (as is really the only appropriate response to such concerted monster-emulating efforts)?

I don't think you're really embracing the spirit of this Terrifying Monster Attack, mum...

Check out the Illustration Friday website for other (doubtless infinitely scarier) interpretations of this week’s topic from the breathtakingly-talented, global, illustrating community!

AP x.

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Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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6 Responses to At least pretend, can’t you…?

  1. Cindy D says:

    Love this! Love your stuff. I like the the way grayscale background items (portraits, lamp, newspaper) enhance the whole picture. Awesome costume, too, particularly the scary face of the dinosaur.

    • Amanda Pollard says:

      Thank you, Cindy! Although it’s a rather more luxurious costume than we had – or, I think, the average child would have – access to; I seem to remember lots of upturned egg cartons, green poster paint and sellotape for ‘dragon’ when we were little! x

  2. I agree.. nice effect with the background! Very effective & lots of fun to look at!

  3. John Cooper says:

    really love the expression on mum’s face, she really trying hard to stifle that giggle, hey?

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