The unhappy union of fur and sellotape…

Before I go any further on the advertised subject, please accept – with apologies – the first ‘window’ proper of the 2011 Advent App; unfortunately, the troublesome watercolour paper alluded to as the cause for instituting yesterday’s Acting 1st December window illustration continued to resist my ministrations and quiet pleas for co-operation, so I hope you’ll excuse the sub-par colouring…

Wooohooo! It's December!! *joyful leap - the first in an exhausting succession of similar such acrobatics - carefully choreographed to the sounds of The Best Xmas Album in the World...Ever!*

And, to shuffle the calendar on to the more temporally accurate 2nd December, the above-featured Ted – in distinctly less cheerful mode – grappling with the irksome task of packaging a gift (in such a manner that it disguises the size and shape of the trinket therein, thus confounding the recipient, or – more usually – deceiving them into believing that they are about to unwrap a gift of vastly superior size and quality to that actually buried within…). As a long-haired individual (although mine is, reassuringly, confined to my scalp alone), I can entirely sympathise with the sticky fur-meets-tape plight the unfortunately hirsute Ted finds himself embroiled in – I can only suggest that he delegates this hazardous seasonal task to a less furry friend in future…



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3 Responses to The unhappy union of fur and sellotape…

  1. Cindy D. says:

    Is there subpar coloring somewhere? In your imagination! Love both! The ridiculously cute bear with the tape stuck on his fur might edge out the top one for complete adorableness, but the top one is really great, too. I’m not sure if that’s a bear leaping for joy (looks a bit like a cat-bear?) but so cute!

  2. Cindy D. says:

    (The hands and feet [human] are really great, too.)

  3. Amanda Pollard says:

    Thanks again! You really are too kind. The creature in the first picture is, indeed, supposed to be a bear, but I think in a moment of abstraction I gave him a slightly more human-looking face, which is why he’s probably ended up looking like some sort of domestic pet/cuddly toy hybrid (but a happy one, nonetheless!) šŸ™‚

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