5th December

Ordinarily, I’m a great advocate of public transport over the carbon-frittering car, but when faced with the gargantuan feat of hefting several bulging bags of Christmas shopping and (as has been the unfortunate case in previous years) a festive tree home in rapidly worsening adverse meteorological conditions, I’d cheerfully ignore my ‘green’ obligations and plant a Saskatchewan-sized carbon footprint on the world… (This is patently untrue – I’m a creature predisposed to episodes of debilitating guilt, so to do this could render me insensible for days, thereby running the risk of further anguish when I regain consciousness and realise I still haven’t started the Christmas gift-buying extravaganza and Royal Mail have gleefully announced the passing of the last posting day.):

The point at which UGG boots become UGH boots and the land of Warm & Dry is but a distant dream...


About illustratedbyamanda

Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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2 Responses to 5th December

  1. Cindy D says:

    Omigosh you have snow falling on your page! So nice. 🙂

    I love the bulging bags as an illustration element, but I feel your pain insofar as the hefting them all over the place. What I’m less clear on is the cat tail. Did you accidentally stuff a cat in there, or maybe a cat was stuck in the tree? Or maybe you bought someone a cat outfit. Or maybe it’s actually a boa. 🙂 Love the UGG = UGH!

    • Ha ha! The mysterious hidden cat is actually supposed to be some gold-y tinsel, but I didn’t really manage to make it sparkly enough… :-S I like the idea that there might have been some furry critter hiding in the tree – I think I’ll go with that if anyone else asks! 😉

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