Christmas Tree 2011: the spruce v. fur (fir) story

At Marvellous Dave’s behest, we have again plumped for a living Christmas Tree this year – selected, after much mulling and critical analysis of shape/height/voluptuousness-of-piney-fronds, from among a remarkably similar selection of other festive trees (and at great length…) for its British, grown-in-the-pot beginnings and, thus, relatively favourable chances of survival in the garden, post-Christmas. (Although, when offerings projections as to pot-grown trees’ longevity, the helpful garden centre assistant could not have reckoned with the proven growth-stultifying effects of my horticultural ministrations…)

Unfortunately, the coveted non-drop Nordmann Fir was not a variety available in potted form at this particularly plant-peddling establishment, so good ol’ needle-spewing Norway Spruce it had to be. For the uninitiated, firs have softer, waxy needle-like foliage, rendering the process of manoeuvering the tree into position and affixing obligatory fairy lights a veritable cinch, while the spruce bristles with fragrant needles in the truest sense of the word – once those lights were in place, there would be no adjustments to illuminate areas that had turned out a little under-lit! For the extra effort and thousand-fold stabbing injuries sustained during the installation and decoration of our little Norway Spruce (a.k.a. Vlad…), though, the satisfaction on completion was so much the greater. Or perhaps I’m confusing that with relief…

Ted here gamely demonstrates the not-wholly-joyful aftermath of Christmas-tree-wrestling and fairy-light affixation (though I think it’s the angel I feel most sorry for…!):

And here he is (he’s just going to have to grow into the Christmas Angel…):

Not exactly optimal photograph-taking conditions (it being 9:30 a.m. and tree standing in direct morning sunshine), but you get the idea...


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