Advent app, day 7

Just a quick one today – a veritable mountain of things to do (including preparations for the activity depicted – I won’t pretend I’m anywhere approaching actually writing and sending the things yet…) and a rapidly dwindling stock of hours to plunder!

"37 down, just...ah...yeeeeaaawwwwn...*sniff*...ahem...62 more to go..." *sigh*

For anyone similarly behind on their seasonal greeting distribution, there’s still plenty of time to equip yourselves with some alternative Christmas cards and, thus, salvage your festive stationery from the jaws of mediocrity 🙂 (The Christmas selection on display under the ‘Greetings cards’ tab on this blog are still available to purchase from my Etsy shop [despite what the stock figures, thereon, might suggest, I have an abundance of each design!], or from myself directly, if you prefer not to use the Etsy/PayPal system – just drop me a line at Pluggity plug.):

‘Til tomorrow!

AP x.


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Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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2 Responses to Advent app, day 7

  1. Cindy D. says:

    So cute! You really captured that good-natured, yet terribly sleepy, must-finish-card-writing feeling. Love the little bear and the nice details on the table. The hands you draw are always so great! I should practice hands and feet. Argh!

    So, apologies if I missed it but are you on one of those post-every-day challenges? Although I started about 6 months back with once a week (at most) I’ve settled into 3x a week, or so, and sometimes that’s a stretch! Sometimes I’ll have something to say but I feel like I need some new art to go with it, since I call it an art blog and all. 😉

    • Ah, thank you so much Cindy! You always post such lovely comments – thank you so much for continuing to visit, even when what I have to say is usually complete drivel! 🙂 And special thanks for the comment on hands & feet – having spent years bodging along drawing things that looked like bags of marbles instead of dexterously-fingered hands, etc., I resolved to improve and drew nothing but hands and feet for what must’ve been a week (and I’m still eminently capable of getting it wrong!).

      Re. the post-every-day question, I’m not doing that as such but a repeat of what I did last year during December (which, I suppose, amounts to the same thing): an Advent Calendar, so a sketch or illustration for every day of Advent, with or without accompanying commentary. It always seems like a good idea in November… :-S Well done for managing 3x a week, though – that’s impressive! The rest of the year I usually only manage one!

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