Pies of last resort :(

Having abandoned all efforts to resurrect the wholesome, homemade-Christmas-fare enterprise from the realm of Sticky Disaster – to which it was summarily despatched on 10 Dec – Ted sought consolation in (a whole box of) shop-bought mince pies. The ensuing sugar-and-shortcrust-pastry induced somnolence, and immobilising effects of a painfully pie-distended tummy (hence expression of mild distress), demanded a temporary halt to proceedings, but would almost certainly count magnificently towards his Over-indulgence Training ahead of the 25th:

EXHAUSTING work, but Ted has selflessly jumped on that proverbial grenade to save us all the trouble. A true hero.


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2 Responses to Pies of last resort :(

  1. Cindy D. says:

    Poor thing! So cute, though. Is it wrong to comment on the cuteness when he is in distress (even if he brought it on himself?) I like how one of the tins is totally smashed into a ball. I wonder if that was the first one he ate or the last?

    So after my foolish note that I have been posting 3x per week, I did finally manage one for IF. (The topic is separated. A teddy and his pies are rarely separated?) I blame it on going away for a few days and getting out of the drawing habit.

    • Amanda Pollard says:

      He’s a bear entirely after my own heart 🙂 I think the screwed up pie casing is the first one, attacked with the most vigour, after which I think the encroaching sugar-coma began to slow him down!

      Sorry I didn’t reply to your last comment – I meant to say just how impressed I was that you had managed to post 3 times a week, with or without illustrative accompaniment, but I don’t think you need to excuse yourself at all for just posting one: that’s still one more than I manage some weeks! I’m just about to head over the IF site but will certainly stop by your blog to check out your entry for ‘separated’ (and no, I don’t think it’d be an easy feat coaxing a teddy away from his mince pies [unless you do it right now, while he’s still out for the count!]).

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