Overtaken by the lurgy :(

With apologies for spectacularly late posting (although, technically, there are still approx. 90 minutes of 14 December in which to secure validity…), a hasty sketch – executed through festive-flu-blearied eyes – to illustrate one of my least favourite characteristics of the season: the onset of the (common) Christmas Cold, usually presaged by an unfeasibly protracted attack of violent sneezing and frequently punctuated by bouts of phlegmy coughing. The unfortunate Ted is also demonstrating the futility of the infinite variations of cold remedies (wannabe-lemon sachet drinks, laced with superstrength paracetamol, square lozenges [a curious paradox…], and ‘balm’ infused [i.e. overpriced] tissues) peddled to the droves of runny-nosed sufferers – I think a steaming hot bath and a luxurious 8-hours snuggled in a duvet will work wonders (here’s hoping…):


About illustratedbyamanda

Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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