Bothersome winter barnets…

OK, admittedly not a strictly festive phenomenon (or, rather, complaint…), but I would hazard that most people who have ever had cause to wear a hat – and not necessarily of the fur-trimmed, red variety popularized by Father Christmas and here pictured – are familiar with the unfortunate and occasionally slightly alarming condition known as ‘hat hair’ (and, in wintry December weather, the potential for incidences of such must surely rocket):

To compensate for the not-entirely-Christmas-specific nature of today’s blog illustration, not to mention its seriously sub-par quality (which I am, today, blaming on my flu-addled head and horribly chapped fingers), I thought I’d proffer the following, being a recent commission I completed for the coach of a local running club as his Christmas card to the Reps Squad (which may be spotted, every Tuesday evening, thundering around a poorly-lit, hazard-bestrewn residential avenue in Staines):

 ‘Til tomorrow, by which time I hope to have pummeled this cold into submission with Lemsips (which I may take to snorting, in the interests of saving time and not having the kettle permanently boiling…).

AP x


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2 Responses to Bothersome winter barnets…

  1. Cindy D. says:

    First, if that is sub-par, pfftt! It’s very cute and I know the feeling. Second, I hope you feel better soon! And wow, that running club one is terrific! I love that coach-type fellow over on the left. So neat how all the runners’ bright clothing shines against the gray background.

    • Amanda Pollard says:

      Thanks Cindy! Your comments always cheer me up 🙂 The pencil I was using wasn’t behaving at all as a B-grade pencil should and I kept having to rub stuff out, which left the paper looking rather battered and sad! Glad you like the running one, too – I am in it (!), 2nd from the right (slightly worried-looking girl in pink & grey). And thanks for your well wishes – it’s been a close-run battle today, but I think I’m finally winning over the germs! x.

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