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Hole(s) in the plan…

Oh dear… Mice – or some other, small, cloth-devouring critters – in the sock drawer! With the structural integrity of his Christmas stocking so severely compromised, Ted was, understandably, concerned that its present-holding capabilities may not meet the demand he … Continue reading

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Bothersome winter barnets…

OK, admittedly not a strictly festive phenomenon (or, rather, complaint…), but I would hazard that most people who have ever had cause to wear a hat – and not necessarily of the fur-trimmed, red variety popularized by Father Christmas and … Continue reading

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Overtaken by the lurgy :(

With apologies for spectacularly late posting (although, technically, there are still approx. 90 minutes of 14 December in which to secure validity…), a hasty sketch – executed through festive-flu-blearied eyes – to illustrate one of my least favourite characteristics of … Continue reading

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‘Bang!’ – and the excited anticipation is gone…

By a stroke of happy coincidence, this week’s Illustration Friday topic, separated, neatly dovetails with today’s Advent App offering, so here are Ted and Herself ‘separating’ a cracker in time-honoured festive fashion. (The cracker-pulling action is rendered all the more … Continue reading

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Pies of last resort :(

Having abandoned all efforts to resurrect the wholesome, homemade-Christmas-fare enterprise from the realm of Sticky Disaster – to which it was summarily despatched on 10 Dec – Ted sought consolation in (a whole box of) shop-bought mince pies. The ensuing sugar-and-shortcrust-pastry induced … Continue reading

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Deck the halls (preferably with gloves…) – tra la la la la!

After his not-entirely-comfortable encounter with the Christmas tree, Ted was (understandably) somewhat trepidatious in his approach to the holly wreath Herself been  tweaking, equally cautiously, into existence all afternoon… Having saved the wiry carcass of last Christmas’s florist-crafted holly wreath, … Continue reading

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It’s all in the technique…

Having, thankfully, invested in a more current (or, rather, currant… Sorry, it’s an affliction…) vintage of gooey, fragrant mincemeat, the pair were equipped to tackle their mince-pie-making enterprise afresh, confident that the fillings would be a rather more reassuring medley-of-dried-fruit … Continue reading

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