It’s all in the preparation…

Owing to a rather unpleasant appointment to have my molars mauled over at the beginning of the week, I had been considering an illustration on an apprehensive (i.e. terror-stricken) dental patient theme in answer to this week’s Illustration Friday challenge topic – prepare. However, the subject matter was to prove just a little too uncomfortably resonant with my own tooth-centric ordeal so, with the sound of the Dread Drill still ringing in my ears, I switched to a less traumatic subject matter – and one which pre-occupies a not-insignificant proportion of my casual, between-important-stuff thoughts: running. 

I am, by no means, a serious athlete, and have rapidly shed any remaining cells of competitiveness in the aftermath of the Tadworth 10 run event on 2 January, but can still appreciate (arguably far more so after that *ahem* memorable day…) the importance of appropriate and thorough preparation before a race. The illustration below is less about the months of critical stamina and endurance (etc., etc.) training beforehand, and more about the curious pre-race rituals runners may be observed performing immediately prior to the starter gun firing. There are usually all manner of weird and improbable-looking limbering and stretching exercises going on, but also a dash of (ill-timed, it transpires) ‘fuelling’ – as demonstrated on the right – which is really far more my approach…


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5 Responses to It’s all in the preparation…

  1. Cindy D says:

    Haha, love this. As women, particularly, we do check each other out. Very nice, and love the sketch. The sneakers are really good (in keeping with your inspiring skill drawing hands and feet!) By the way, you ARE a serious athlete compared to some people (me), because you’re doing any kind of races at all. So hard in winter to get motivated! As for that dental business, well. I think I’ll just sidestep that topic. Eeek.

    I will make one tiny critical comment. The armpit looks a bit odd. 🙂

    • Amanda Pollard says:

      Yes – the less said about dental procedures the better, I think! And thanks for your v. kind feedback 🙂

      I definitely take the criticism re. the armpit, though – the colour version sort of grew out of all proportion to the body it ‘features’ on, and the half-dried up paints I should unquestionably have re-mixed afresh made for a much more intense and far too dark final layer of colour, which has transformed the intended soft, rounded hollow into a very hard edged, egg-shaped hole, almost like it’s been scooped out with a metal spoon (ugh – sorry: not a pleasing mental image…!).

  2. ritabarton says:

    Very fun…I could see this in a magazine article about preparing for a race!

  3. Another great one!

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