Cute AND Costumed (perfect portrait material!)

Sheesh! What a (couple of) week(s)! The pencil-&-paint-brush-wielding hand has been furiously busy over the last 14 days, principally with illustrative matters, but also in partnership with its opposite number demolishing the constituent parts of a felled (or dismembered, as seems more appropriate, given the emotional response it’s demise has elicited among assorted friends & relations…), 30-foot (ish) Ash tree in our back garden, which activity also wreaked untold (well, I did vocalize my diagnosis, to snorts of derision…) havoc on my lower back and, um, posterior… Please accept my profuse – but no less sincere for their abundance – apologies for the unscheduled hiatus in blog activity, but I am confident that normal, erratic-but-more-frequent service will resume presently.

Being still somewhat embroiled in first draft drawings for an exciting new commission – more of which anon – and mulling over possible reifications of this week’s Illustration Friday topic, forward, (rather late in the day, granted, but a consequence of the mysterious cessation of email alerts to the unveiling of weekly word-inspirations), I commend the following pieces to you, lately completed for a friend in celebration of her niece’s outrageous cuteness, and with her very kind permission:


The butterflies were a special request - apparently they flit across her bedroom walls, too (sweet!)








As a conciliatory gesture, I also offer the following by way of compensation for the dearth of new material served up so far this year, and for the rather content-light nature of today’s offering:

FREE graze box for UK blog-followers (or even just casual readers/happen-across-ers…) – with sincerest apologies to my dear and much-valued international readers: unless and until graze start despatching their delicious boxes of creativity-fuelling nibbles across the pond, I’m afraid I can’t offer you the same :/

‘Til next time, folks!

AP x.

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2 Responses to Cute AND Costumed (perfect portrait material!)

  1. Cindy D. says:

    Ok first, you made that ok-looking tiger suit into the best tiger suit that ever existed. Seriously, I want one of those tiger suits. (Ok, maybe that sounds weird.) It looks just as cozy and fuzzy as Ted (don’t worry Ted! It’s synthetic fur!) What great portraits, really. You really did a great personality capture. Signed, one across the pond who shall have no free *graze*.

    • Hey Cindy, thanks so much for your lovely comment (as always!) – you really are too kind 🙂 And I don’t think your hankering after a tiger suit is weird at all (appreciate the the tactful reassurance to Ted, by the way – he gets terribly nervous about such things…): why should tots get all the fun costumes?! I am sincerely sorry about the non-availability of a free box of nibbles – you are absolutely one of the most deserving of assorted mini snacks by way of recompense for loyalty to my rather irregular blogging efforts! x

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