Make like a tree (or a river/other body of water, in this case)

Fluid ‘Dance-drama’ class *shudder* where children are, inexplicably, required to express abstract concepts through the medium of dance (I, age 6, am the one on the right, contorted into some ridiculous and ungainly shape, while my infinitely more self-assured, effortlessly graceful classmate glides into an arabesque that is the actual embodiment of ‘fluid’, exuding cool the while:  

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Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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2 Responses to Make like a tree (or a river/other body of water, in this case)

  1. Cindy D. says:

    All right, clearly you need a little prodding. I do like this one, particularly the MUCH more interesting girl which you claim disparagingly is you. Well, she is clearly the cooler and funnier one. It is a really nice illustration.

    But I also wanted to suggest (not that you asked for any suggestions!) that you are perfectly allowed to post just a sketch or short note if you are too busy to craft one of your usual posts. 😀

    • Amanda Pollard says:

      You are quite right – without prodding, I would almost certainly just find myself a comfortable little corner and engage in some ‘creative snoozing’ there for a day or two/week or two/ Spring. And thank you for your, as usual, kind and lovely comment re. the illustration. (In complete honesty, I did actually rather like dance-drama – probably because drifting about to music, even if it was in a chilly sports hall wearing an all-in-one lycra number, was FAR preferable to grappling with long division beneath buzzing fluorescent lights in the classroom…)

      And, appropriately spurred on by your encouraging prod and suggestion (always welcome), I am limbering up for a blog post this very afternoon 😀 x

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