A clutch of calling cards (and a few bunnies, for good measure…)

A rather brief and content-‘lite’ post this week, I’m sorry, on account of having NO TIME – in fact, less than no time (how has this happened?!!):

Following the sad demise (/disappointing sabotage, depending on one’s outlook…) and ultimate futility of last year’s elaborate folded-paper construction that was my business card dispensing device for the ‘Wailing Wall’ (informal – but vast – illustrators’ advertising billboard at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair), I have instead plumped for printed flyers this year (quick and cheap  to re-post, as necessary…), and small plastic wallets with assorted simulacra of my favourite  moo.com business cards (a rather more low-tech, single-sided, home-printed effort) as a concession to the demand (I hope…) for take-away details. My ‘wall hanging’ for Bologna 2011, together with other Fair-centric paraphernalia, is nestled about half-way down my Fair Frenzy post, and there are also a couple of photos of the fabled Wailing Wall (and illustratedbyamanda card dispenser in situ, pre-dematerialisation…) in my 2011 Fair write-up Coming up for air – briefly…(Bologna, Part I). However, it will be these three chaps – or, rather, two chaps and one chap-ess – accompanying me to Italy on Sunday:

Potential saboteurs, take note: I shall be printing loads of copies, and am fully prepared to dispense with a chunky-knit sweater, or two, from the suitcase to accommodate the same! 😉

And just because I couldn’t bear to miss another Illustration Friday , a quick sketch for the week’s topic (this one’s for you, Cindy!): an unusually large and be-spotted yield for such a small bird?!

Clearly, this is not an *Easter* bunny (an Easter bunny, aside from the fact that s/he may have been the very engineer of the garden-full-of-enormous-spotty-eggs phenomenon, would instantly diagnose this egg as of chocolatey origins and recognise the mischievous bird, aloft, for the audacious pretender that it is...)

If I, miraculously, manage to pilfer back an hour or two from the The Passage of Time before Friday, I would love to work this up into a proper colour illustration – possibly for Easter, probably just for the frivolous joy of rabbit-painting – but, in the meantime, I present another bunny (and so willfully subvert the popular maxim, by offering ‘quantity’ as opposed to the traditionally more prized ‘quality’…):

Flopsy lived in fear of the rabbit community discovering his dirty little cheese habit (and the wrath of Beatrix Potter devotees: "You wouldn't catch Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter behaving so shamefully. Very disappointing.")

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16 Responses to A clutch of calling cards (and a few bunnies, for good measure…)

  1. Fortunately for you (and fans of both Easter and Beatrix Potter), your post possesses a great of both quality AND quantity! Beautiful sketches, and your business cards will be a hit, too, I’m sure. Need any company in Italy??? Sounds divine. (I’m ocean-locked in the U.S. – south, south, south Florida. Really far south.)

    • Ah, thank you Rebecca! And if you weren’t trapped by the sea (eek!), you would be entirely welcome to join me in Bologna! 🙂 I’ve been having a rootle around your website, too, and absolutely love your work – fantastically lively line and colour: great fun!

  2. Laura Kay says:

    your work is so charming

  3. Maron says:

    Love your work!

  4. I love all of these pieces for the art fair… I think the chick is my favorite, though! And you have such a gorgeous way of sketching.

    • Oh, thank you Sarah! Could your preference for the chick have anything to do with your chicken-keeping, I wonder…? 😉 I’m a great fan of your beautiful botanical sketches, and this week’s IF piece is characteristically lovely (although I confess that my affection for runner beans has waned somewhat since our glut of them last year!).

  5. theartofpuro says:

    Love your cards and your bunnies are fantastic:)Great style:)

  6. angel says:

    Your cards are gorgeous. I especially love the chap-ess.
    Beautiful writing too. Fun to read, charming.
    And the bunnies are adorable!
    Have fun in Italy!

    • Thank you, angel! Glad you like the bunnies – I think they really deserve a bit more attention, though (maybe I’ll get round to that when I’ve stopped fiddling around trying to drag my website into 2012 – it is proving highly resistant to my efforts!). And thanks for wishing me fun in Italy – I’m still trying to work out whether it’s fright or excitement I’m grappling with just now! x

  7. I’m a big fan! Your characters are FABULOUS!!! Love the bunnies & the chick!!

    • Ah, thanks so much, Mit! Your lovely comments mean a lot 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed looking through your gallery, too – the IF pieces are fab, but I’m blown away by your line art for the big cat and horse (the illustrations for the monster poem are pretty awesome, too!) x

  8. Cindy D says:

    Really, this is what you consider a “content-’lite’ post”? Crazy person! So many lovely things! You probably know by now I love the critters most, so in order of preference: bear, chick (bird), chick (person). I don’t recall seeing many birds in these parts, but that is one crazy cute bird. And yet, the Ted look-alike (if not actually Ted) with the adorable face and lovely brown fur wins my vote.

    Adorable bunnies, too! I rather love that one of them has a “dirty little cheese habit.” Also pfffft! For suggesting you have offered quantity in lieu of quality.

    • Thank you, once again, for your v. encouraging and complimentary comments 🙂 Really glad you liked the last bundle of illustrations (esp. cheese-junkie bunny…), and thought you might be interested to know that the great and good among the publishers I managed to get a moment with at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair last week were of v. similar opinion to your v. fine and discerning self re. order of preference: bear won, hands down! I think you have an eminently marketable skill, there (well, I’d certainly pay for your opinion – you were spot on!) 😉 x

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