(Unfortunately not) gone with the wind…

Even when exiled to the top-most grassy tussock of a windswept moor to flex her vocal ‘muscle’, she still manages to inflict pain (of the aural variety, in this instance…) on the long-suffering Ted. And incidental birdlife.

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Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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8 Responses to (Unfortunately not) gone with the wind…

  1. Crazy Cat Girl says:

    Poor Ted, he looks so pained! Beautiful drawing 🙂 I love the sense of movement you’ve captured, especially in the hair, and the expressions are wonderful.

  2. Drew Yi says:

    funny bear haha!

  3. angel says:

    Whoa, so great! Really cute illustration. Poor Ted, and the bear looks so pained too. She is so full of joy and energy. Fantastic expressions!

  4. theartofpuro says:

    I love it!She has a powerful voice,talent never understood:)

  5. Really great sketch! I wouldn’t have thought she was singing so badly if not for Ted’s extremely pained expression!

  6. jerseygirldraws says:

    Very expressive sketch. You can see by her stance that she’s really belting it out & tormenting everyone w/in hearing distance.

  7. khwhitaker says:

    wonderful sketch, love the characters

  8. Thank you, everyone, for your lovely comments! I should make sure that the rendering of the next IF topic is a little kinder to poor, beleaguered Ted, though, I think! 🙂 x

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