Hubristic heights…

The “Hi, mum!” reflex is just too powerful to resist, even under competition conditions…

She seems entirely unperturbed by the dizzy heights of the high-beam, but such pandering to the audience is unlikely to win her any additional merits from among the adjudicators. I, however, can only marvel at her composure – the ability to salute one’s familial entourage mid-gymnastic-routine (and on one leg…) strikes me as a particularly praiseworthy skill. This is, of course, assuming that her wobble-free execution of said routine continues to a triumphant conclusion – the  depicted frame represents but a moment in time, and may very well be succeeded by a spectacularly undignified (not to mention deeply humiliating, and probably rather painful) fall…

And, just because this week’s Illustration Friday topic suggested an assortment of possible illustrative interpretations and I am, by nature, chronically indecisive, I’m including another outing for Small Girl and Ted – this occasion betraying Small Girl’s squeamishness re. heights and Ted’s casual, even gleeful, disregard for the potential danger attendant upon launching oneself from the same (well, he is equipped with a rather fetching, improvised [from an expired umbrella, I imagine] parachute, so I can’t say I entirely disapprove…):

'I can't look...'

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8 Responses to Hubristic heights…

  1. Great movement in both hair & body!! She’s adorable!

    • Aw, thanks! 🙂 (Here’s hoping she doesn’t tumble off…!) I love your IF illustration this week, too – v. clever the way you’ve softened focus on the girl and background to emphasise the crazy antics of that agile squirrel (another gymnast!)

  2. Cindy D. says:

    Oh dear, flashbacks of my very, very short stint in gymnastics. Petrified of the high beam and could barely manage the low one (at seven years old). Also was very bad at the vault. In fact, I believe my career ended a few weeks in when I landed spectacularly badly on the far side of the vault and cried and made everyone uncomfortable. Hooray!

    Luckily many young girls, like this pro, are much better at such things. She looks far too pleased up there to fall. I always love the little hands! Also, lovely gradations with the skin tone in particular. Is it digital or painted? Or markers?

    • Ha ha! That sounds remarkably like my, similarly, v. brief taste of gymnastics – I, too, landed anything-but-expertly after attempting a leap over the vault, fracturing my 8-year-old wrist and sobbing inconsolably until it was bandaged and safely cradled in a sling around my neck to function as the subject of many tall tales (and much emotional blackmail, I’m ashamed to say) for days afterwards… Thank goodness we both escaped further gymnastic-based indignity/injury by abandoning such a risky pastime…!

      Thanks for the technical comment, too – in answer, it is watercolour paint, applied in layers to build up intensity (although I do also slightly alter the colour composition between coats, too, to try and emphasise the shading – sometimes, frustratingly, to barely discernible effect!).

  3. Cindy D. says:

    Hey, you added one! Or I missed it. This is possible, but I’m going to go with its being newly added rather than me being extremely unobservant. I think it is one my favorites of yours! (And people are going to miss out because you tacked it to an old post rather than start a new one. Oh, the humanity!)

    It’s just the cutest. Particularly her pose, leaning on the railing, with one scrunched up fist, leaning back slightly on her heels, with the cutest little skirt and shoes and knee socks. And a joyful Ted in his adorable flying umbrella contraption. Even a worried bird beneath the bridge. Crazy cute!

    • Thank you so much, Cindy! And yes, guilty – I snuck this one in later (I hadn’t quite finished it in time to shoehorn it in before the next IF topic rolled around…), but thought it might be ‘cheating’ to give it a new post all its own! x

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