Illustration Friday: A very lazy one this week, I’m afraid, pilfered from the 2010 archive and my marriage to Marvellous Dave (complete with 19th century folly [the Ashton Memorial]- courtesy one ostentatious Lancastrian industrialist – in the background…):

The actual invitations were much more accurately centred – I prepared the illustrations of Dave & myself and the Ashton Memorial backdrop separately, so that we could stand ‘proud’ of the actual invitation, by means of (many) tiny sticky foam pads, to better give the impression of standing in the foreground and add an extra flourish of irritation to the inserting-into-envelopes-for-mailing process… Also, I selected a gunmetal grey mounting card, instead of this nauseatingly saccharine mauve, which – it transpired – exactly reflected the hue of the sky on the Big Day. And was a better match for Dave’s suit…

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4 Responses to Hitched…

  1. Love this! So many wonderful elements, from their posture, to the detailed wrinkles and shading in their clothing, to the cute expressions, to the really cool background!

  2. Cindy D. says:

    Haha, I don’t mind the mauve. This is really quite spectacular. Such sweet, happy expressions and her adorable pose. And that fantastic old-fashioned suit and top hat. Brilliant job on the architecture, too! I’m sure they looked really great popping off the card despite the added pain whilst envelope stuffing.

    • Thanks, Cindy! Unfortunately, Dave didn’t have a top-hat on the day (in fact, he outright refused to wear one – and, in hindsight, I really don’t blame him for drawing the proverbial line at this ridiculously over-excited-bride’s request…), so this is the only way I get to have him in one – sneaky, huh? 😉

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