It’s not finished yet!

*Ahem* Yes, it’s me… Many apologies for my unscheduled and prolonged absence from the blogosphere (although, doubtless there are those among you whom rejoiced at the merciful multi-week reprieve from my meandering thoughts on illustrative and unrelated [and, occasionally, perplexingly abstract] matters…). While I have not been entirely idle in the interim, my illustrative endeavours have been predominantly watercolour-based and I’ve had scant opportunity to exercise the pencils – my collection of which has been sitting on the corner of my drawing desk looking decidedly apathetic for well over a week – and I’ll also admit to having actually lost my only decent (i.e. passably functional) pencil sharpener, which I’m beginning to suspect of deliberately going into hiding as a response to chronic under-use bordering on wilful neglect. However, aided by one of my trusty scalpels (of which, perhaps more alarmingly, I appear to have no shortage…), the sharpener-deficit was overcome and I was able to spend some time labouring over the following for the first of my resumed Illustration Friday offerings (inspired by the children at the local After-School Club, who are always clamouring for help to concoct towering, improbably-shaped constructions from the craft paper supplies – to the exponentially diminishing approval of their parents [whom, at this late stage in the term, probably have trouble moving around their own homes for all the paper creations gleefully proffered by their adoring progeny]), this week interpreting the subject secret:

Surprisingly – and disappointingly – rusty with the ol’ graphite after well over a week of inactivity, so apologies for the crumby line work…

It must (have) be(en) Father’s Day…

“Stop! Who goes there?!”

What the…?”

“DADDY! You’re not allowed to look – this is TOP SECRET!!”

“But, I need th-… is that the gas bill sandwiched in the middle there, under the egg box…?!”

“I said, YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO LOOK! It’s not ready yet! I’ll tell you when you can look. Teddy and I have IMPORTANT WORK to do first…”

This clearly needs some tidying up – in fact, it’s so horribly scruffy I almost wish I hadn’t posted it (gah!). However, I made a (largely silent, entirely internal, but – nevertheless – solemn) promise to re-engage with Illustration Friday this week, so here it’ll have to stay until I have improved upon it sufficiently to add a colour rendering by which to atone for these sketchy crimes…

‘See’ you anon,

AP x.

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3 Responses to It’s not finished yet!

  1. meech1960 says:

    Did you say crumby line work. dang! i should take mine down. i love this. it’s warm and welcoming.

  2. Cindy D. says:

    Haha, ok first. You sharpened your pencils with a scalpel? That’s dedication right there! I have three pencil sharpeners. Wait, maybe two. Misplaced one. I do not think this is a phenomenon particular to us, but to many who sharpen pencils with any regularity.

    As for the “crumby” business, my first instinct is to scold you for being too hard on yourself. But that doesn’t seem like proper commenting etiquette. Is there a book? Maybe a leaflet? In any case, I can see where you might find this drawing less refined and more sketchy than you normally post, but I hardly see that as a bad thing. I find the line quality and shading quite excellent. Also, hooray for IF!

  3. This look absolutely great sketch! I love it! Cheer up! Look forward to see more this Friday!!!

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