Bear hugs

Eschewing all things of an intergalactic/astronomical nature conjured by this week’s Illustration Friday topic, space, I have instead employed the services of a small-but-kindly ursine friend to demonstrate my (rather tenuous…) take on it:

When you’re feeling glum, there’s always space between a bear’s paws for a feel-better hug. (Even if you’re a rabbit. And the bear is rather small…)

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5 Responses to Bear hugs

  1. Cindy D says:

    Awwwww! I want to hug the bunny. What could be so unutterably sad? (It does look much more serious than say, the garden running out of carrots. But perhaps such seemingly small things affect this particular bunny very strongly.) Always very lovely the ways you indicate the fur, which can be tricky. So cute those giant feet and paws. Aaaah! Too cute.

    [Mine is a sketch too! And includes a bunny! 😀 Incidentally, what kind of pencil do you use? I think I am using a Staedtler 2H and I’m not sure if it was the scan but my pencil lines are not as dark as I’d like (tried to punch it up digitally, but that didn’t help as much as I hoped).]

  2. Ah, thank you! I’m not really sure what terrible misfortune has befallen this bunny, but suffice to say that I believe he’s a rather sensitive soul and perhaps a little too much given to ‘waterworks’, so probably something not all that grave… (And, if I got a furry bear hug out of it, I’d probably ham it up a bit, too!)

    Love your sketched post this week (I’ve just dropped by there!). For the bear & bunny sketch, I used a 2H and an H to start with (handy for fluffy-fying the fur on their bodies – and easy to rub out…), and then used a B pencil to add a bit of weight to the outlines, eyes, noses etc. I used a 4B, on its side, for the shading – a little too dark for the job, but all I had to hand with a long enough and straight enough point (I still haven’t found that darned sharpener – or bought myself a new one…). You could try a softer pencil lead to try and get some darker lines if you find it wasn’t the scanner that was the culprit, but you seem to have done a pretty good job with the digital magic wand – looks great to me! 🙂

  3. This is a great illustration. I hope the rabbit won’t be sad for a long time.

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