Refreshment, in defiance of the hosepipe ban

Another mere sketch this week, I’m afraid, for another essential component of the Great British Summer has materialised this week – with a vengeance: I am struck down by the dreaded lurgy – operating from beneath a veritable blizzard of *ahem* soggy tissues and flanked by tissue boxes and Strepsils on one side and a bottomless mug of Lemsip (ugh) on the other – and, as such, am struggling (even more than usual… Astonishing, I know) to be effective in anything *sniffle*.

Touched by the expressions of concern for last week’s doleful (distraught, even) bunny, I thought I’d show him, for this week’s Illustration Friday * challenge refresh,  fully restored by a cuddly-bear hug and combating the uncomfortable heat of the baking midsummer sun (ha! I’m gazing out on yet another damp, grey July vista here in Staines…) with a refreshing shower courtesy of his new friend and a contraband hosepipe. Hilariously (…), we are still ‘in drought’ here and restricted to watering by bucket, so I suppose I should really have shown him hurling a pail of water over the over-heated bunny, but a momentary drenching by bucket just doesn’t strike me as quite so refreshing – and too short-lived 🙂

*check out the New & Improved IF format, magicked into being by the lovely Penelope Dullaghan!

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6 Responses to Refreshment, in defiance of the hosepipe ban

  1. Cindy D. says:

    So cute and fun and lovely! I almost hate the thought of that luxurious fuzzy fur all wet but it will dry, and probably be fluffier in the end! Beautifully drawn critters with their perfectly executed expressions that should never be called a “mere drawing”. But as I am frequently and loudly critical of my own stuff it would be wrong to mention it any more than that. 😀 The hint of blue is just right.

    I was thrilled to find a few British words to look up, including “lurgy” (almost always accompanied by “dreaded”), as well as Strepsils and Lemsip. I am further armed for my eventual takeover of your fine, slightly dreary country (or at least a visit. Probably not for a few more years. Alas!)

    • Thank you Cindy! You are, as always, extremely kind 🙂 I’m glad you liked the creatures (I can confirm, incidentally, that bunny’s soggy fur not only regained its fluffiness but – as you so astutely predicted – attained a hitherto undreamed of level of bouffant-ness in a [the only…] brief but intense burst of early-July sun). And thanks for the note of affirmation re. the blue accent – I wasn’t so sure when I posted it, it being another characteristically last-minute decision (motivated by the need to get something slightly more than a pencil doodle up before the next IF rolled around!), so I appreciate that.

      Glad, also, to be of service re. offering a few more tidbits of our curious, mongrel language for you to investigate 🙂 And very well spotted: the correct/authentically British deployment of the term “lurgy” is, indeed, with the precursor “dreaded” – probably something to do with our incurable pessimism/enjoyment of a good, miserable Wallow – and it may be no bad thing to have been introduced to some of our leading/most ubiquitous cold & flu remedies, as a visit to these rain-beset islands (whenever you might be able to make it across the pond 😉 ) will almost certainly include a dose of the same! x

  2. Great sketch!! Such fun, expressive characters! The bunny seems to be feeling good! Hope you will, too!

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