‘Adorable’ art…

Several months ago (March, as I recall – just ahead of my departure for Bologna…) I was contacted by someone introducing me to their really-quite-brilliant art project and enquiring as to whether I’d like to participate by contributing a piece:

After becoming a father for the first time at the age of 56, Hanan Levin began commissioning pieces of original art from artists and illustrators around the world that would feature his baby daughter, Adora. These weren’t necessarily to be portraits, per se, but rather images inspired by this extremely cute little girl, and rendered in styles as many and diverse as the artists undertaking to create them: there are works in pastels, digitally-manipulated photos, oils, gouache, graphite, ceramics, paper-cut, collage, textiles (and even biscuit!), and in modernist, cubist, realistic, Manga, cartoon, painterly, whimsical and decorative styles – and myriad others besides.

A ‘wish list‘ of suggestions for contexts, scenarios and styles, in which the child might appear, and which artists might scroll through for inspiration/reference, had also been accruing in tandem with the burgeoning gallery of beautiful and often intimidatingly skilful artworks. From the hundreds of, variously, weird and wonderful wish-list themes remaining to be tackled (unfortunately, I came too late to the party to take on ‘Adora, a Jedi Youngling’, ‘Adora teleporting’, ‘Roy Lichtenstein Adora’,  ‘Nosferatu Adora’ or ‘Adora on the dark side of the moon’…!) -and preoccupied by the theme of persistent rain (from drizzle to downpour) that has so far characterised the British summer – I alighted upon ‘Adora followed by a flock of ducks’ (although I have taken the liberty of making the ‘ducks’ more resemble ducklings, on account of the latter’s superior cuteness):

Back in March, Hanan had already amassed an online collection of over 260 pieces, documenting and celebrating the growth, development and character of the now two-year-old Adora. If you swing over to his Adorable tumblr site today, there over 400 pieces now on display from work, completed or forthcoming, by a total of 500 artists – all of whom have committed to contributing a piece (or several, in some cases – see the enchanting Adora’s Secret Pet sextet, by Miguel Co and Justine Babcock) to the project.

It is a remarkable collection, and one that I was delighted and flattered to have been approached to offer a piece for (thank you, Hanan!); much like the utterly fantastic Illustration Friday, it’s also an invaluable source of inspiration and wonderment for all those of an artistic disposition who may be experiencing a spell of creative ennui and casting about for a life-buoy of Imagination to spare them from the sea of Stultifying Mediocrity…

What an incredible art tribute to have earned by the time you’re just three years old! 😉

AP x.

P.S. (Doubtless cruelly unfounded) rumours abound that sunshine’s just around the ‘corner’ (for which, read ‘ginormous cumulo nimbus’…) – not sure it’s time to jettison the wellies just yet, though…

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3 Responses to ‘Adorable’ art…

  1. Cindy D. says:

    Your Adora is so adorable! I just love the baby ducks. I love the polka-dotted raincoat. I actually did a piece for the Adora project, but it was many months ago and much closer to the beginning of my renewed dedication to art things and it is not so great. But Hanan was so super nice about it. I still don’t do people or I might offer to do another. It really is an amazingly cool project with tons of great work to look through. And now yours!

    • Ah, thank you Cindy! I thought I’d spotted one of your beauties as I was scrolling the through the hundreds of amazing pieces 🙂 You really are too hard on yourself, but I think you know that – and actually, absolutely not wishing to cause any offence, I think I’d definitely agree that, in the five-or-so months that have elapsed, your work has become even more refined and skilful: I absolutely LOVE your series of art cards! Your prolific artistry really puts me and my maybe-once-a-week (but, more often than not, once every two weeks…) Illustration Friday sketches to shame! x

      • Cindy D says:

        Pshaw! For one thing, you’re actually doing illustrating gigs. And I don’t know how long this art card thing will last! Oh! Since I left this first message I actually joined a swap for “Celestial Maidens” and did some people (kind of!) (Also posted about em.) 😀

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