All is not (quite) lost…

I’m afraid I have to admit to this week’s Illustration Friday submission being a bit of a cheat: I was working on a selection of black and white (linear) cartoon-esque illustrations for a soon-to-be-published non-fiction title – authored by David McDougall, a member of the local clergy (a long and circuitous story…) – and the following was one of several preparatory sketches that wasn’t worked up into a final ink drawing. I’m not 100% certain how much I’d be permitted to reveal about the book or the material it contains, but suffice to say that it includes various anecdotes about the experiences of a Christian church contingent’s mission(s) to Uganda. The image relates to an occasion where, on preparing to board an internal flight in the country, the group were advised that there wasn’t sufficient space on board for all amongst the party and their luggage; as they would, presumably, prefer not to abandon any of their number at this early stage in the expedition, this would mean, instead, shedding practically all of their luggage… Thus, approx. two-thirds of all the possessions they had thought indispensable were lost to the plains (and their inhabitants…) of Uganda:

As you will note, the aircraft featured really isn’t sufficiently diminutive to necessitate this drastic course of action – unless there is a troupe of similarly bewildered missionaries tucked just out of sight – so this sketch was abandoned and re-drafted to show more people, a sorrier stack of luggage (incl. the proverbial kitchen sink…), and a more assertive-looking pilot (I think this one looks a little too uncertain of himself to be credible…).

The book is a thought-provoking, often entertaining, and engagingly-written read, so I sincerely hope that it will meet with the success I believe it deserves for this first-time author. Although not certain of the anticipated publication date, I do know that it will be published by Onwards & Upwards Christian Publishers (based in Surrey, UK), so would encourage anyone who might be interested to have a mosey over to their site for further details…

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1 Response to All is not (quite) lost…

  1. Cindy D. says:

    So much great expression and great gestures. I always like the way your pencil line widths vary. I need to get another pencil to go with my 2H! Holy cow, I just remembered you suggested some and I will have to go back and check. Congratulations on the book, I hope everything goes great! 🙂

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