A spot of rain…

So, this week I have been fiendishly busy, finishing off various pieces before I depart for the Anglia Ruskin Children’s Book Illustration Summer School next weekend (woohooo! Outrageously excited – and a little nervous – at the prospect), and putting together required prep for the forthcoming SCBWI Picture Book Masterclass (8 Sept, with work to be received for critique in early August…). As today saw a not-altogether-surprising reversion to the grey-drizzle-with-occasional-episodes-of-torrential-rain and/thunder&lightning I resolved, instead of flopping into a slough of despond in the manner of a recalcitrant teenager (muttering meteorological-themed oaths the while), to embrace the miserable weather with emphatically un-British good cheer and spend the afternoon indoors attempting to breathe life into a (spotty) creature hailing from perennially sunny climes. Herewith, then, the fruits of my afternoon: a character sheet intended to form most of the groundwork for the full-page illustrations I have sketched out ready for painting over the remainder of the week – when I’m rather hoping that the grim weather will continue so that I’m not tempted out into the garden to fritter away hours in the sun (please don’t hate me…):

In an effort to work with softer lines, and use the paint to achieve definition instead of harsh black ink, I have confiscated my treasured supply of fine liner pens for this piece of work. (The problem with confiscating one’s own stuff, of course, is that I know where it’s hidden… If the full page illustrations are blighted by pen lines, you’ll know I crumbled!)

More soon, assuming the rain continues…

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