All that bounces is not necessarily Tigger-shaped…

Well, yes, there has been a considerable amount of rain in the interim – punctuated with bursts of credibly summery sunshine (some of them approaching whole afternoons in duration, miraculously…) – so, with a certain amount of self-marshalling and the kindly (mainly hot-beverage and regular-meal-shaped) ministrations of Marvellous Dave, I have managed to complete the successor pieces to my Leopard character sheet with enough of a time buffer to also pack for the Anglia Ruskin Illustration Summer School (just…).

Happily, of the three pieces I, alternately, sheltered from sheeting horizontal rain and successfully avoided back-breaking ‘gardening’ (actually equates to fairly major earthworks at our place at the moment) to conjure into being, the last – a double page spread illustration – seems to rather neatly fit this week’s Illustration Friday topic: show me a jungle creature character (of the big cat ilk – but not necessarily a stripy one, despite famous precedent…) that doesn’t like to bounce exuberantly through long grass…!

Sketching out the composition to accommodate (a small amount of) text. I allowed myself the use of fine liners to define the outlines for tracing on the lightbox, which I think is allowed…

Watercolour and pencil on (unstretched – gah!) Bockingford paper

And, see – no fine liners!

I was rather pleased with this piece upon finishing, but can already see many flaws in the execution and final result that weren’t immediately obvious with the still-drying image inches from my nose: insufficient shading to provide depth for the tumbling panther; uneven tone caused by crinkly, unstretched paper buckling under the wash; general lack of intensity in the colours… I could go on, probably for quite some time, but I have a train to catch in a couple of hours and still haven’t packed so much as a pencil (I did say ‘just’ in time…!).

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 If you have an idle moment, please do check out some of the other fantastic pieces gathering on the Illustration Friday page this week – there are some truly awesome talents out there!

AP x.

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7 Responses to All that bounces is not necessarily Tigger-shaped…

  1. Ooh I didn’t know Anglia Ruskin did summer schools! I have been considering trying to get onto the masters course, but at £7500 its a bit of a scary prospect!! I would love to hear how the course goes, and might sign up for one myself next year!

  2. tiffanny says:

    good job! I like the feet of the cats they’re so cute 🙂

  3. theartofpuro says:

    It’s amazing,love the characters,colors and the movement:)

  4. Cindy D. says:

    Wow. The monkey is pretty cool but I’m all about those gorgeous cats! Such coats! Such joy! Such catness. And the feet. Aaaah, love the feet. And the butterflies.

    • Thank you so much, Cindy! Too kind, as usual 🙂 The cats were fun to draw, but my husband reckoned the panther was perhaps a little too Jungle Book… What I am most proud of in this piece is having resisted the black fine liners (geez, that was a struggle!!), although I discovered exactly how tricky it is to achieve line definition on a completely black animal and avoid all his somersaulting limbs melding into one black/brown splodge…

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