The ‘S’ word… (Not yet, not yet, dammit!)

Another unplanned hiatus, I’m sorry, post-Anglia-Ruskin Summer School (utterly, utterly brilliant, inspiring and wonderful – of which more in my next post, I promise) as I work like a wild-haired, coffee- & ice-creams-on-sticks- (it is summer, after all…) fuelled, slightly frenzied thing to complete the list of mini-projects and commissions that seems to keep regenerating, in a manner somewhat akin to the porridge of Magic Porridge Pot legend, before the end of the month. (We won’t mention the brief but terrifying episode of iMac failure last weekend – necessitating resuscitation by Marvellous Dave via YouTube tutorials and tech-wizz friend [thanks Nic] assistance, plus a trip to the the Apple ‘Genius Bar’ [?!] in the heart of gridlocked Kingston – which devoured almost an entire 24 hours with frantic nail-chewing and increasingly outlandish contingency planning.)

However, this week’s Illustration Friday topic seemed just too delicious to miss, so, as a tribute to all those familiar with this latter-end-of-August phenomenon – family members, friends, spouses, etc. – I give you my entry inspired by the word teacher:

Despite being very well acquainted with this behavioural quirk after seven years with Marvellous Dave (and, actually, still recalling something of that involuntary queasy feeling from my own rapidly-receding memory of school days), that critical turning point – when indifference, even mild contempt, at the beginning of the summer holidays mutates to shuddering dread (we’re not at defeated resignation yet) – never fails to strike me with its violent (usually involuntary) enactment…

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3 Responses to The ‘S’ word… (Not yet, not yet, dammit!)

  1. GREAT expression!!! Thanks for the smile!!

  2. Cindy D. says:

    Oh! The poor fellow! It really is a great posture and expression. Wonderful details as always!

  3. Cindy D. says:

    Hi Amanda! I hope you are well and do another IF soon! 😀

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