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Mmmm, caaaaake…!

Happy Monday! (Well, worth a shot…) Another busy week, mainly featuring – alas – work on commissions for upcoming events that it would be remiss of me to give even the slightest inkling of until they are safely past (and … Continue reading

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Robin Rush!

Betwixt Illustration Friday challenges, and a number of other wildly diverse little projects, I have been experimenting with a ‘straight’/non-fiction/realistic (some other synonym to denote the opposite to cartoony, fictionalised illustrative confections) style – here applied to my subject matter … Continue reading

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Season’s Tweetings!

It’s still a shade too early, in my opinion, to be fully luxuriating in the orgy of ‘flitter’ (a card industry concatenation of foil and glitter, I have learnt…) that is Christmas on the paper-goods scene – particularly as our … Continue reading

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A reserved robin for Illustration Friday…

Something swift and seasonal (well, we’re almost there – I’m just not going to commit the offence of actually uttering the C-word just yet…) for this week’s Illustration Friday topic, shy: Somehow, the more I look at him, the more coquettish … Continue reading

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