Season’s Tweetings!

It’s still a shade too early, in my opinion, to be fully luxuriating in the orgy of ‘flitter’ (a card industry concatenation of foil and glitter, I have learnt…) that is Christmas on the paper-goods scene – particularly as our friends across the pond still have Thanksgiving, and all that jazz, to celebrate first – but I thought that, as I introduced a (tenuously) festive feathered character for last week’s Illustration Friday, it might be OK to wheel out the others I’ve been working on at this juncture.

Yes, fistfuls of pencil shavings, countless jars of paint-muddied water and VERY MANY blunted scalpel blades later, I have finally got around to creating a new (small but, I would argue, near-perfectly formed…) range of Christmas cards to complement last year’s mainly mouse-based collection.

Four of the 8 new designs (well, there are technically 9, but the solitary, fishing polar bear [see below] starred on my personal Christmas cards last year and, as such, seems a little too familiar to be called ‘new’…)

With apologies to all those not even remotely interested in considering Christmas cards – either the purchase or writing thereof (yet…) – and for the slightly sales-pitchy register of the following (and an assurance that ‘normal’ service will resume next week):

If you’re looking for a Downton*-inspired vehicle for your festive message, something for a friend suffering Great British Bake Off withdrawal, a bauble-bedecked showbiz reindeer (who isn’t…?), or just something a little way off the traditional Christmas card track, then please take a wander over to my Etsy shop where you’ll find these and a range of other original, illustrated cards to add a little ‘alternative’ to your seasonal greetings this year.

You can pick&mix all 19 (I know, I know – couldn’t I have managed one more to make it up to a nice, neat 20?! Watch this space…) designs to make up packs to your own taste – just drop me a line via Facebook, Twitter, email or phone (details of which can be found at and I’ll be happy to do all I can to accommodate your individual requirements.

For those who prefer a non-Etsy based approach to viewing and ordering, please do have a look at the images below which represent a page-by-page view of the complete ‘catalogue’. The last photo/page includes a bit more information about custom ordering, pricing and delivery for non-Etsy customers, which I hope will show up sufficiently well to read here…


Christmas cards 2012-edit-5

If you’re having any trouble whatsoever deciphering it, though, or have any other questions/comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to help!

(Then, all you have to do is fire up your card writing hand – only 40 and 42 days ’til final 2nd and 1st class [respectively] posting dates for The Big Day…)

Thanks for reading – and I promise a return to less commercially-oriented bloggings next week… 😉

AP xx

*Downton Abbey – for all those not acquainted with (when I say ‘acquainted’ I, of course, mean utterly obsessed with…) this British costume-drama/soap phenomenon, the ITV website has a snippet or two, and there is, of course, the inevitable Wikipedia entry.

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