Mmmm, caaaaake…!

Happy Monday! (Well, worth a shot…)

Another busy week, mainly featuring – alas – work on commissions for upcoming events that it would be remiss of me to give even the slightest inkling of until they are safely past (and I’ve sought the permission of ‘interested parties’), and more robins (of which I thought you may have had your fill – at least for November). I thought, then, I’d offer this little character, until I’ve managed to amass sufficient unallocated minutes to put together an Illustration Friday piece for this week’s topic (whiskers):

‘As you can see, I’m just FAR too cute to be responsible for that…’

This an illustration commissioned by a v. dear friend of her brother’s mischievous (putative…) Westie, Buster, to feature on the front of a card (and, in the end, be gifted as a piece of original art) given in celebration of said brother’s forthcoming wedding. He and his lovely fiancee were married in early October, and Buster has been enjoying a significantly elevated profile amidst the Watford dog-walking community ever since… 🙂

More anon.

AP x

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2 Responses to Mmmm, caaaaake…!

  1. Cindy D. says:

    Beautiful dog, wow! And the bright surrounding colors make him stand out so brilliantly. Wow, the details on the tiny figures too! Love it. I bet the family of this fellow loved it!

    • Thanks again, Cindy! He is a very cute dog – and his family reckoned the ‘portrait’ captured his personality pretty well – but I’m sure his penchant for paddling about in strawberry jam would’ve got old VERY quickly!

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