Chocolate. Of the hot, rapidly ingestible (wait, isn’t that ‘all’…?) variety.

After a morning drenched by almost-freezing, grey rain, we’re now basking in glorious wintry sunshine here in Staines(-upon-Thames) – and holding onto our respective woolly hats, it still being pretty blustery and cold… Sunshine or no, however, this is definitely a day upon which a large mug of steaming hot chocolate is emphatically APT – and the correct ‘partaking’ of which is ably demonstrated here by a small girl in winter-warm garb:



The cold, limestone boulder as a seat is, perhaps, a slightly unusual choice for such a chill day – and somewhat location specific (to the moors of North Yorkshire, probably not Surrey…) – but she had to be outside, and this was a lazy and expedient way of achieving that impression in the 30 mins I’d left myself to whip up today’s illustration.

I hope you have an opportunity to indulge your hot chocolate impulse (what d’you mean you ‘only really drink tea or coffee’…?!), wherever you are, today and enjoy a glorious afternoon, whether it’s one bathed in sunshine or peered out at through the 1cm gap between the top of your scarf and the hem of your bobble hat.

AP x

About illustratedbyamanda

Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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1 Response to Chocolate. Of the hot, rapidly ingestible (wait, isn’t that ‘all’…?) variety.

  1. Cindy D says:

    Eeek, do not mar the hot chocolate experience with a burnt lip! One must be ever so careful with the slurping, er, polite sipping, of the hot chocolate. I think I may have to splurge on some fancy hot chocolate instead of those little instant packets I have often done.

    Well, hopefully it does not get old that I really like your little people with their cute hands and feet and cute little faces! Beautiful painting in those pants with the wrinkles and shadows! (I am taking notes!)

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